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You will notice that many residential properties across Decatur, Huntsville, Birmingham, Madison and Hartselle have beautifully landscaped gardens and yards. You will see well-manicured patches of turf, neatly-trimmed bushes and hedges and beautiful perennials and flowering plants. We are very proud of the fact that we are the ones who maintain many of those landscapes, just as we do several that are situated in and around Moulton, Florence, Muscle Shoals and Athens.

Landscape Maintenance - Residential Landscaping is a highly specialized field and it takes more than just a bit of mowing and trimming to ensure that all the outdoor spaces on your property are in a good condition. Horti-Tech Landscape Company is a landscaping business that has been in operation for almost 20 years. In this time we have catered to a large number of customers across the region. No matter what the size of your property is, we can provide you with excellent residential landscape maintenance solutions.

We are not just gardeners; we are essentially horticulturists and expert landscape designers and installers and know what it takes to provide customers with customized landscape maintenance plans. While we do have some standard packages you can choose from, we understand that every property is different and that the elements on it are different too. This means the attention that the plants and features need is different too.

Different Garden Maintenance Services

We understand this and use our vast knowledge of horticulture, climate & soil conditions, and drainage and irrigation techniques, to provide solutions that work perfectly for you. As part of our residential landscape maintenance solutions we handle:

  • Regular weeding, pruning & trimming
  • Leaf & debris removal
  • Dead-heading
  • Lawn Mowing, trimming and edging
  • Sod installation & repair
  • Mulching & aeration
  • Tree maintenance
  • Runoff checks
  • Repair and maintenance of paving stone
  • Planter bed maintenance
  • Drainage & irrigation checks
  • Pressure washing of all the paved areas
  • Cleaning water features
  • Other

High Quality Landscape Maintenance

The plan that you choose could have any of these aspects included in it. Once we have identified what your exact requirements are, we will then provide customized landscape maintenance packages that offer you value for money. We are a company that is fastidious about maintaining quality; our company uses the best materials, the latest technology, organic fertilizers and excellent workmanship to ensure your gardens and backyards look beautiful and stay healthy at all times.

When you have beautifully maintained outdoor spaces, you will be more inclined to using them, and these areas add to the value of your property too. You only have to tell us what your specific requirements are and you are assured of the best solutions.

We can provide you with custom solutions for residential landscape maintenance. For more information and an obligation-free quote, call Horti-Tech Landscape Company at 256-410-3238. You can also use this online form to get in touch with us or send us queries and we will revert soon.

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